Henry J Stirt

As I grow as a person, so does my approach to building. I consistently strive to learn better techniques that are considered to be traditional, always keeping in mind what it means to be a craftsman. By this I mean, I do not cut corners when it comes to quality, even if that means it takes me a little longer to finish. I always want you as a client to be over satisfied and delighted with the product I am putting in your home or business.

I grew up in New England, where I consider it to be the best place in the country to get a feel for what true craftsmanship and quality are all about. If you take a look at the history of furniture building in that area, it truly gives you a sense of what timeless pieces are all about. Pieces of furniture that are hundreds of years old that are still as strong as the day they were built—this is exactly what I try to achieve in everything I create.

I've been building since I was 17. I began my career as a stonemason working through the harsh winters of New Hampshire. When I moved to Colorado in 1996, I continued on as a mason but I soon felt the need to evolve my skills. I was hired on as a log furniture builder and quickly found that wood, not stone, was my natural calling. I worked for a small company in Silverthorne, Colorado for about two years making beds, dressers, lamps, end tables and built-in entertainment centers.

I knew that I needed to expand my knowledge, so I found myself starting over again and began to build custom homes. I was hired on as a framer and sider with an occasional interior trim job as well. During this time, I learned every aspect of what it took to build a home from the foundation to the installation of the final piece of trim or cabinet. My employer and mentor showed me the right way to build—always keeping quality and consistency at the forefront of his operation. We worked hard but my payoff was limitless knowledge of how to build the highest-quality custom home and the confidence to tackle any job. Over the years we got through many remodels and new homes always making our clients happy in the end. My goal was always to get back into furniture making and working on more specialized projects like cabinets and built-ins.

Working in all aspects of construction has given me the perfect foundation for creating sturdy, strong pieces of furniture that last a lifetime and beyond. By sticking to the traditions of original craftsmanship and combining my passion for creating the perfect piece of furniture for you, I can guarantee not only your satisfaction but complete enjoyment for all your years with your custom Stirt piece.

Justin Stirt